Wednesday, January 6, 2010

welcome to my whirled

The flavors of biobabbler: a fervent love of nature, photography, cooking pretty and yummy food, travel, bio-adventures, with some gardening and possible fitness stuff jammed in. I am a huge fan of "life" and have a ringside seat and NikonD50. It's a pretty sweet gig.

I live on 5 acres in the Sierras and am spoiled re: wildlife, etc., I get to see everyday. I love to write, edit, and photograph, and wanna learnta bea websitebuilder, so, THIS is the result/experiment.

Above is Bob, my spokesbuck. He was resting 30 feet from our house yesterday, looking exceedingly studly (when mouth not open chewing food bolus), his glory only marred by my lame fencing which is a necc. evil to protect hacked lilacs from, you guessed it, Bob and his ilk (typo was "elk"). =)

Much of the time I am, while doing other things at home office, on predator patrol. Witness immature red-tailed hawk from last month...white wires of top of garden where "the girls"(3 hens) were. Yikes!

The constants: any and all mid- to large-sized predators want my chickens, I don't want them to GET my chickens, and my chicken protection devises are imperfect. Hence the need for vigilance.

The variables: my vigilance, what is on my feet when I run after attempted assailant (huge sorels, flip flops, socks, nothing), what my feet/shoes encounter (snow, mud, pinecones, poison oak, 50,000 stick-tights), my arsenal (rake, shovel, board, nothing), and my foe (raptor, bobcat, coyote, dog). Oh, and my verbal assault upon foe...

If a bear is determined, I will basically just have to plan for new chickens next year. Bears are their own trump card. The coop is pretty-much-everything-proof except for bear. Our HOUSE is not bear-proof. And I have to sleep some time...

ANYhow, so as not to be too long-winded, if you return, I can promise you travel, wildlife viewing, food photos, and general goofiness. Would love to hear any comments or questions.

Until next time, here's our local bobcat (Max) beckoning for you to follow along with us and our year in the sticks...

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