Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Foto Fling

and Happy Flehmen Response Friday!*

Ridiculously beautiful day at Mono Lake. Kinda stormy.

Driving home. Road trips are ROUGH when there's nothing to look at... =)

View during (brief) traffic stop at Yosemite. Again, hard to bear. =)
Note debris on road at right. Brief, intense rainstorm washed stuff onto the road, hence road work.

Finally landed on a term for dahlias: absurdly beautiful.

iPhoto plot: it opened onto May 22, 2014 & I saw this guy. HAD to re-post. Cute little hopper!
 LOVE those eyes...

I added mulch one day and I SWEAR the NEXT DAY everyone looked happier.
Gaillardia infront of chrysanthemum. 

Perusing lovely images of gardens (& listening to gardening podcasts)
it occurs to me that many people don't have the
gophers, rabbits, deer, bears, etc. that we have.

Their plants are just OUT THERE, and all's well.
Can't. Even. Imagine.

Here's the deer's eye view of our dahlias:
Looks like flower prison. For the criminally gorgeous. And tasty.

Moby trying to figure out how to GET to those tomato plants.

Nevertheless, I still enjoy gardening; miracles abound.

Soaked these pups 1.5 days, and they had ALREADY started to germinate.

Which may be why this happened 5 days later:
=) Hard to see, as I MUST disguise baby bean plants so birds don't get them all. 

Next day:
SO amazingly fast. SUPER gratifying.
They're scarlet runner beans, so when they mature,
not only will they be beautiful and shade-making,
but also I'll finally have something for the hummingbirds. Hooray!

Have a fabulous weekend, cherished peeps.


*To perk up your Friday, just google image search Flehmen response.
It's PG rated, a real biological thing, and SUPER entertaining. =) Plus, tapirs!


  1. Your chicken's name is Moby? More please.

    1. Hee. She was nameless for quite some time, then I described her to my mariner cousin, explaining my desire for a suitable name. Huge, white hen. He looks at me, then says, "Moby Chick: the great white hen."

      !!! DONE. My cousin is a genius. =)

  2. Great photos---all of them.
    And I have the deer problem. I wish I had enough $$$ to fence the entire place. I've tried EVERYTHING--but the deer always win.

    1. Aw, thanks. =) Great subjects to photograph.

      Your last four words are like the haunting last line of a film. =)

  3. LOVE these shots! especially the ones along the road with the clouds!

    1. Thanks, chica. =) It was QUITE the lovely day.


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