Monday, November 17, 2014

Falling through November...

 Found yet another ootheca, this time under the greenhouse eaves.
 Wonder how old this one is... years?

Was tracking a red-shouldered hawk,
when this raven decided to shoo it away.

Many insects seem to be loving ANYTHING that's blooming in November.
Which includes our zinnia, which is going bananas.
Moby (hen) struts by, headed for the cherry tomatoes...

Among the flower-fans:
This painted lady eyed me whilst it drilled for nectar.

I want to call those little frills eyelashes, but don't actually know that, so...
 I'll just call them super cool.

Fawn post-rain, chewing cud, enjoying the sun.

Fawn and mama, who's got her eye on me. =)

Big ol' gang moved through, taming the greenery for us.

And trimmed up the circular driveway. Thanks!

The deer are looking SO much better than this summer, now that there's actually FOOD. =)

Their faces are fuller, muscles are back, 
and this one even has a shine to her coat--hooray!

That's fall in this climate: the long-awaited return of water,

and all the life that it brings.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

shiny bumblebee bum-bum

 I love how you can see the dahlia flower reflected in this bee's hiney.

These bees didn't seem to be sharing very willingly...

The bumblebee is SO much bigger, it sounds like a C3 plane relative to the honeybee.

Such a shiny, profoundly-black animal.

Finally caught it on film.

Been pursuing this creature (or something like it) all summer. =)

 Thank you, providence!
And, thank you dahlias, for drawing so many fascinating creatures nigh.



Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunset gold...

Posting this to let you know I'll keep the quiz up a WEE bit longer
to see if we get anymore guesses.

Been loving the clouds and RAIN of late--so great.
And the mornings have been 32F or very near 3 days in a row.

I kinda forget it's possible when it's summer, here.

Hooray, fall and winter!! =)


Friday, October 31, 2014

Photo Quiz Phriday--what are these two knobs called?!?

They live in Yosemite Valley, on the east end.
Photo is looking northward, generally...

Without looking it up,  can you name these?
Or, just one of 'em?

Alternatively, feel free to name them creatively,
 if you don't know their, um, traditionally used names.
We encourage wild guesses.

Fair warning: only PG answers will be posted. =)
And 100% accurate answers will be posted, but maybe a wee bit later than others...

Good luck, and Happy Halloween!!


Monday, October 27, 2014

How big is Half Dome? Well, can you see the people? =)

So, if you've never been to Yosemite, and wondered how big Half Dome was,
here's a hint.

Half Dome, photographed from Washburn Point

Same photo, cropped and enlarged to show the people at top

Same photo, cropped and enlarged again to show the people

Same photo, the for-sure people outlined
Tiny little bipeds: aren't they cute?


Now go back to the top photo
and mentally picture the people (teeny, tiny specks) there.

So, there's your answer.

It's big.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Uh-Mayzing vid on milkweed, monarchs & more in Yosemite & beyond

 Holy cow.

Another gem produced by Steve Bumgardner.

SO, so great.

Give yourself a treat for 7 minutes. You deserve it. =)

my must-be-planted-in-fall (native to CA) milkweed seeds.

Cannot WAIT to see milkweed in our garden next year--HOORAY!!

Huge thanks to Steve & Erik & everyone involved for this GREAT short film.



Thursday, October 16, 2014

How photography is like meditation

 Photography makes me SLOW DOWN...
focus on one thing,

and then I see things I wouldn't have otherwise (same dahlia),
like a VERY tiny spider,

building a very tiny orb web,
 floating in a sea of dahlia hues.

Found this new ootheca (mantid egg case, on the support for the cardinal climber)
which I hope is from this summer's green mantid rockstar. 

Here she is giving mouth-to-mouth to a honeybee.
Which is what I tell myself so I can gaze at it.
Also, in the photo you can't see the bee's leg twitch.
I had to walk away.

However, notice she's also doing the splits. Woah.
A blue-lipped goddess whom, like Pele (the volcano goddess),
you don't mess with.

Old ootheca on old manzanita branch in garden.
 Those things are AMAZINGLY hard. Like fossil-hard.

 So hopeful: dahlia bud soaking up the sun.

Teensy white crab spider on morning glory, behind scarlet runner bean.

pink-ola dahlia

Honeybee & her adorable shadow on pink zinnia.

Tiny harvest, plus Moby chick.

Another small yet beautiful harvest.

And back to mediation,
was taking photo of this,

Noticed tiny white dust speck on the lower right,

which is this amazingly tiny animal.

And makes me love biology and photography
all over again.