Sunday, January 18, 2015

Verdict: tiny adorable birds = guilty, Biobabbler = innocent

One thing I learned in 2014: it's not my fault.

All the times I sowed seeds to fill my iris bed
(with plants that would bloom when the irises were done)
and ended up with nothing but weeds,
I thought it was me.

More than once I sowed and planted,
and watered and waited,
and watched and watered and waited.

And nothing.

Zero new flowering plants, just a boring, perennial line of iris blades.

Therefore, I was a lame gardener.

But this year, I am redeemed!
The birds totally ate the seeds.
How do I know this?

"Your Honor, I would like to submit exhibits A and B."

Exhibit A:

Sites where I did not protect the seeds from birds.
 Look how tidy and clean and plant-less it all is...

And, Exhibit B:

Site where I did protect the seeds from birds.
Rows of baby plants. Cute little tinsies (and a few weeds), bursting with promise. A miracle.

This may have changed my life.

I am not a hopelessly unskilled gardener.
I can make things grow,
I can fill out my iris beds
with things that will bloom after spring,
providing DH & I lovely sights (incl. bugs) to admire for months and months.



Thursday, January 8, 2015

Goodies for YOU, Patient Reader, and a new year for us all

So, a few low-resolution resolutions floating around in my head, including:

Share more of the wonders of the world with you, here.
More frequently. Starting now. =)

Today's feature: earthstar fungus (shot in November).

I actually think I saw it last year,
but it was kind of like a celebrity sighting:
 "It CAN'T be something as exciting as that earthstar fungus.
It MUST be just some sort of exploded acorn, right?!?"

They do look a lot like exploded acorns.
I actually searched for "germinating acorn" images to be sure.
Nope, not germinating acorns.

Freakin' cool fungus.
Maybe the hygroscopic earthstar, Astraeus hygrometricus.

Measuring up (shot in December):

Hygroscopic refers to how their form changes with the humidity.
Their little rays curl back up when it gets dry,
some all the way into a dark, tough ball that can roll around.

Went back to the site today (January), and they looked like this:

I found another that was an even tidier little brown ball
(no leaf had gotten tangled up in it, like the lower one).

So, that's one of the coolest things I discovered & learned about in 2014.


Oh, and while I was JUST on the east coast,
gazing at Nauset Lighthouse on Cape Cod, MA,

What did I see at my feet, right about there?

The 4 in a row are really easy to see in the photo, but there's more than that in this frame.
They were significantly smaller than ours,

I was pumped.

'Course back home, now, I can't expect to hear any of those amazing accents,
eat spectacular clam chowder,
or wander about in a frozen swamp (future post).

But, we do get to be with our kitties & hen, again.
And my beloved garden.

'Course I had to WATER a few things in my garden AGAIN today.
It basically didn't rain the 2 weeks we were gone;
and winter is our rainy season.

We really need more rain to counter this drought.

Plus, more rain --> more fungus, woo-hoo!! =)


Thursday, December 18, 2014

2 manzanita shots to go, please...

Busy, but today's assignment was "red"
(for the 30 day photo challenge by @just_go_do_it)
so as soon as I realized that meant some quality time with manzanita,
I grabbed the Nikon and headed out.

I find myself gazing at this plant like I'm in love.
Just staring and staring.

So beautiful. We're very lucky to have them here.

SO many wildlife species eat the berries,
and they are early bloomers in the spring,
which gives a low hummmmm to the landscape
as thousands of bees merrily pollinate them
to begin their little bee lives for the year.

Maybe I am in love. =)


Friday, December 12, 2014

Photo challenge parade of productivity

Sometimes it's good to get shoved out of your routine,
forced to interpret a theme you did not select.

This is why I like the 30 day photo challenge posed by @just_go_do_it (on Twitter).
If you've done this one, or there are others you like,
please let us know in the comments.

Day 8, "mother nature"

Day 8 of the challenge was "mother nature."
Looking ahead on the list, I thought, oh, easy. That's my thing!

But, on day 8, it rained and rained, and was dark and rained.
And I'm really trying to meet the challenge of the day ON that day.
No posting old photos. Do I shoot that dull, gray sky?

Then, hark! The sun came out super briefly
so I ran out w/my Nikon & shot away.

And found that manzanita, bizarrely beautiful.
And they're so seldom wet, it's a treat to see them this way.
This would not have happened w/out the photo challenge.

Day 6, "tell a story"

The story (above) is one of impatience.

The tomato plants had not yet frozen,
but I wanted to plant stuff & needed the room.
Perils of gardening in California: plants will not die.

Tired of waiting, I finally yanked a cherry tomato plant out.
Hence, the pile of teeny, tiny tomatoes, framed by tomcat.

Day 15, "4:00 pm"

Between storms, the sky was doing some lovely things
with a chromatically limited palette.
Technically it was 3:46, but that's close enough.

 Day 13, "distance"

I had to go the "distance" to find this wee mauve mushroom (& friend).

I've been monitoring a far corner of our property for months
in a (so far) vain attempt to find a purple puffball.
Frankly, it's past season for that thing.

However, yet another foiled foray did yield the above mauve beauty
under a pile of manzanita branches. Delightful.

Day 9, "fear"

Initially stumped re: what to shoot that spoke about fear,
I looked around and remembered:
I live with professional killers.

Our 2 kitties love killing things.
Which is why we keep them indoors.
And I don't actually fear them,
but the ONE time a mouse entered our home,
it did not end well for that mouse.

So, if you're smaller than a cat,
and enter our home uninvited, fear the kitty!

Day 2, "black & white"
Cottonwood tree in Yosemite Valley. =)

Day 1, "self portrait"
My habitat and I.

Day 4, "friends"
I was taking mushroom photos and my hen-friend kept me company. =)

Day 16, "silhouette"
(Hm, once again, blogger made my image more red than it is... pardon. )

The stormy skies changed evergreens into black silhouettes.

I took SO many shots of the sky, yesterday, waiting for a downpour.
We didn't get any real rain until it was dark.
A day of AMAZING clouds.

comma clouds

Clouds were not yesterday's assignment,
but stormy skies are so rare, here,
I don't need a prod to get out & shoot.

But, sometimes I do.
This annual challenge makes me look at things differently,
and get off my creativity/photography-buns.

I highly recommend it.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Falling through November...

 Found yet another ootheca, this time under the greenhouse eaves.
 Wonder how old this one is... years?

Was tracking a red-shouldered hawk,
when this raven decided to shoo it away.

Many insects seem to be loving ANYTHING that's blooming in November.
Which includes our zinnia, which is going bananas.
Moby (hen) struts by, headed for the cherry tomatoes...

Among the flower-fans:
This painted lady eyed me whilst it drilled for nectar.

I want to call those little frills eyelashes, but don't actually know that, so...
 I'll just call them super cool.

Fawn post-rain, chewing cud, enjoying the sun.

Fawn and mama, who's got her eye on me. =)

Big ol' gang moved through, taming the greenery for us.

And trimmed up the circular driveway. Thanks!

The deer are looking SO much better than this summer, now that there's actually FOOD. =)

Their faces are fuller, muscles are back, 
and this one even has a shine to her coat--hooray!

That's fall in this climate: the long-awaited return of water,

and all the life that it brings.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

shiny bumblebee bum-bum

 I love how you can see the dahlia flower reflected in this bee's hiney.

These bees didn't seem to be sharing very willingly...

The bumblebee is SO much bigger, it sounds like a C3 plane relative to the honeybee.

Such a shiny, profoundly-black animal.

Finally caught it on film.

Been pursuing this creature (or something like it) all summer. =)

 Thank you, providence!
And, thank you dahlias, for drawing so many fascinating creatures nigh.



Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunset gold...

Posting this to let you know I'll keep the quiz up a WEE bit longer
to see if we get anymore guesses.

Been loving the clouds and RAIN of late--so great.
And the mornings have been 32F or very near 3 days in a row.

I kinda forget it's possible when it's summer, here.

Hooray, fall and winter!! =)