Tuesday, December 3, 2019

It's BEEN a while... =D

Hey, there!

(Yosemite Valley cliffs)

I have been thinking about this blog, lately.

I have been wanting to WRITE, lately.

Thinking about that a lot.

Not doing it.

SO, even though I kinda thought that blogs were a "was,"
I DO go to them for some things,
and the point of all this in the first place was to write, so... I'm back.

Seeing if I have any muscle memory for this. XD

This also means I will check on the blogs I had connected to and check THEM out.

See how many are still there.

(Snow play fun at El Cap on Black Friday. =D)

Feel like I've cracked open a long-locked door into a room
& am coughing on dust & looking around to see what's there.

(Cook's Meadow, looking west, after a November snowfall)

"Helloooo.... "




Cool people write inside rectangles....