Sunday, January 18, 2015

Verdict: tiny adorable birds = guilty, Biobabbler = innocent

One thing I learned in 2014: it's not my fault.

All the times I sowed seeds to fill my iris bed
(with plants that would bloom when the irises were done)
and ended up with nothing but weeds,
I thought it was me.

More than once I sowed and planted,
and watered and waited,
and watched and watered and waited.

And nothing.

Zero new flowering plants, just a boring, perennial line of iris blades.

Therefore, I was a lame gardener.

But this year, I am redeemed!
The birds totally ate the seeds.
How do I know this?

"Your Honor, I would like to submit exhibits A and B."

Exhibit A:

Sites where I did not protect the seeds from birds.
 Look how tidy and clean and plant-less it all is...

And, Exhibit B:

Site where I did protect the seeds from birds.
Rows of baby plants. Cute little tinsies (and a few weeds), bursting with promise. A miracle.

This may have changed my life.

I am not a hopelessly unskilled gardener.
I can make things grow,
I can fill out my iris beds
with things that will bloom after spring,
providing DH & I lovely sights (incl. bugs) to admire for months and months.




  1. Congrats!
    Always exciting to see babies.

  2. Oh I can't wait till it is garden time here. I like pictures of dirt and gardens! For all of us that cannot garden anymore it is great to see pictures of the garden.

  3. Ha! Those birds are devious, aren't they? A friend of mine who keeps a few chickens learned the hard way not to let the chickens into his carrot patch. At least, not if he wants any carrots. :-D

    1. 100% I finally had to ban my hen from our garden. Sad, 'cause she loves it, but I'd actually like to get some produce from my labors. =)

  4. Yeehaw! Growth! I think this is the first year I will be able to attempt gardening. I am happy. I am sceeeeered. What if my green thumb doesn't exist? I have much learning to do!

    1. One thing I've learned from MUCH wiser folks is just try SOMEthing. Anything. =)

  5. yay! baby plants!! i like to play in the dirt. i like to plant plants. it's exciting to watch those tiny plants push through the ground from a seed YOU planted! :) if you weed though...don't let that slide for too i do...they have a tendency to take over pretty fast! (although some of the weeds do attract nice butterflies!)


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