Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Charming insects, upcoming adventures, Yosemite-as-homework & braving the fair...

'Round the Property

This young grasshopper nymph TOTALLY stole my heart. SO TINY.

European honeybee descending into a California poppy

This year I noticed California poppies' first appearances in the morning.

I'd never noticed them undressing like this, before. Super cool.

Upcoming Adventures

I'll be doing fieldwork regularly starting next week. Here's the new job site.

Technically that is across the street fm. the "action area"
but that means it's beautiful and will stay that way.

So, I will be out and about pretty much every week,
so hopefully will get lotsa fun photos phor you. =)

Took a side route home fm. the 1st job site visit so I could check out
BLM's Red Hills Area of Critical Environmental Concern. 

That SUPER DRY, pale blue & green & grey stuff on the hill is very Red Hills-y.

Lots of clarkia were blooming their HEARTS out.

I believe this is Clarkia biloba.

And this during a multi-year drought.
I have so much respect for how tough clarkia are.


So, to prep for upcoming fieldwork, I did some nature-study in Yosemite last weekend.

It was rough, as you might expect. =)

The western azalea is blooming in Yosemite Valley, and it smells AMAZING.

And we saw cobalt milkweed beetles that day, too.

Absolutely STUNNING insects. Photos can't do their shining magnificence justice.

Photo Phrenzy

Just turned in photos to a nearby county fair,
so I'll def. post about how that went,
EVEN if I win absolutely nothing. =)

but that was for our county.

What I entered just now is a nearby county's fair.
And it's MUCH bigger.
So I could definitely get NOTHING.
But, it's just a great opportunity to ogle other people's work,
and to force myself to print and mount some of my images.

And thanks to Shelly at MObugs for getting me blogging again.



  1. Wonderful blog post and so happy I could be your inspiration for blogging and sharing your adventures again. It is so easy to let life and busy schedules keep us from doing what we love isn't it? I am pushing myself to keep my blog going because I missed it and love it. I am always happier after exploring, and researching and the writing about it and I just have to remember that! Happy to have you back!

  2. All your photos are stunning, but I just adore the grasshopper nymph. Until they eat my plants, that is!

  3. Ha! The grasshopper nymph is amazing. Yosemite looks every bit as breathtaking as everything I've heard about it.. someday we'll make it down there. Charming collection of photos as always! It's nice to see the small things appreciated


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