Thursday, January 7, 2010

wake up call, a la owl

At around 5 a.m. today, when I was being harassed by my cat who was bored (i.e. I was unwillingly and grumpily awake in the dark) I was then happily awake to hear a great horned owl call VERY near my (closed) window. It was the classic "who cooks for you" call. So, once I kicked the cat out of the room, I got to go back to sleep to the lovely call of a friendly neighbor. =) It does happen around here, but not that often, and this was v. close. SO COOL!

Of course, it's really probably yet ANOTHER potential predator of my chickens, but they're in their respective coops when it's dark, so I don't sweat them (yet).

And if you wanna wake up your cats,  surf the web (cornell is always great, but this time I went to and find owl calls and play them. That will get their attention. =)

Speaking of chickens, here's Fanny (her name is a story for another time), our Rhode Island Red, ably pointing out what I discovered when I removed a chunk of flagstone (to actually use) from our yard, to discover tunnels and a very tidy grainery of sorts. The little grass seeds were stacked SO neatly, it was amazing. I felt very bad I was clearly messing up someone's winter storage plans, but it was early enough in the season, I figured they'd have time to implement a plan B.

Until next time...biobabbler

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