Thursday, February 4, 2010


Edie, the smaller of our two light Brahma chickens, while excitedly announcing to all the world that she'd just laid an egg, ba-ba-ba-ba-be-GAWK!, mid-GAWK! lept up for a bite of cabbage.


And proceeded to quietly, then, munch. Announcement OVER.

Guess it's hungry work. =)

I caught this micro-drama sitting at my office (desk with non-coincidental view of both coops), and laughed out loud. Typically, the egg announcement goes on and on and on, so yes, she was excited about that egg, but there's no sense in letting a perfectly good cabbage go to waste.

Who knew chickens were so entertaining?


(picture of Edie, selected to protect her identify...)
(P.S. having new problems with the blog editing software, so it's lookin' a bit spacey today...)

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