Monday, February 8, 2010

ouchie at Ahwahnee...

ooof. there are worse places to suffer a toothache.

Just came from the dentist, have to wait another hour and 10 minutes for the bus out of here, and my tooth is throbbing. Don’t have any pain killer. Ouch.

But, as toothaches go, it could be worse.

1. I could NOT be in the Ahwahnee bar in Yosemite National Park
2. It could be cold,
3. rainy,
4. loud,
5. crowded,
6. and too bright.

As it is
1. I AM in the lovely Ahwahnee bar,
2. It is warm and cozy inside
3. It’s sunny outside
4. It’s quiet in here--there is mild, old school but slightly out of the ordinary rock on the speakers, on low
5. The place is dimly lit
6. and only 4 other tables are filled, and they are all quiet, bless them.

Thank heaven.

Got to wander around the valley a bit, after my appointment, to where I might have seen half dome were it not obscured by clouds, but it was beautiful so I took photos, saw 3 people total, 1 dog and a very friendly cat, and schlepped back to Ahwahnee, to slurp salmon/mustard greens soup.

Not overly hot, slurpable soup is great if you’ve had a bit of a tough day at the dentist. And for once, hidden benefit of dental work, I’m able to resist the bread tray. Not even tempting.

Walking on the path to the Ahwahnee, I was looking at yet another oak tree that’d gone down in the last storm, and wasn’t there more than 20 seconds when the birds re-appeared. Watched a junco scratch at the ground and jump back to see what he’d come up with, and I realized it was just what the chickens do. Paw at the ground with their feet, then jump back and look down for anything interesting. It made me smile, and made me realize that I appreciate ground-dwelling birds more than I used to because of our chickens.

The all powerful chicken just keeps on giving.

Ah…a mild reggae song gently puffs out the fuzzy speakers in the bar. Heaven.

Tooth still throbbing, but really, could be worse. Could  be much worse.

Could be Haiti.


  1. Sorry! Which tooth? I knew the Ahwahnee was plush, but I didn't know it had its own dentist. ;)

  2. =) Just a molar--it's MUCH better today, thanks. =) Yes, dental treatments mid-pedicure, bien sur!


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