Tuesday, February 23, 2010

watching the watcher

So, later yesterday afternoon, the bobcat returned. I was walking through my livingroom, glanced out one of the big windows, and saw a bobcat, sitting tidily, as cats do, looking right at me.

Oh. Hello.

So, of course, I went for my camera. By the time I returned, it had moved west, hunting-mode fully engaged:

It was dusk, so the pictures aren't the sharpest, but you can most certainly tell who it is and what he/she is doing. These are in sequence.

And after it attemped (and failed, this is common for predators) to tackle whatever-this-was (gopher, California vole, etc.), it cruised up our driveway to swing around and behind our house (and the coops).

What a beauty.

Then I went outside to supervise it's hunting in case it was irresistibly drawn to the chickens. It allowed me to hang out while it hunted in the grassy fields behind the coops. I used cat language whenever it looked at me by looking back briefly, then looking elsewhere, as if fascinated by my shoes, the coop to my left, the sky. Cat language for "I'm just hanging out here, not a threat, not interested in a confrontation. Just hanging."

Pay no attention to the blonde behind the camera.

No pics from that, as it was getting too dark, and Max (forgot I named him/her) was too far for good shots. And I really didn't want to mess up it's hunting by making noise. That'd be gauche.

So, I just stood silently and watched.

And was thankful for every moment that I got to witness the natural behavior of this wild creature.

xoxo the biobabbler

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