Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hawaii crumbs and question for you all

Because I said I would, here's some HI pics. They're from the same place, Kailua Beach on Oahu. I'll snag more later, for more diversity.

Then a question--'cause I need your help.

Check out the shadows of the drops of water coming down from the wave... tilt monitor back if needed, to see more clearly.

I like the shape of the water and the pattern of the sand/water.

There. I have now, at least to a degree, fulfilled a request for Hawaii pics.

This is one of the most spectacular beaches I'd ever seen, and swimming in that crazy milky green color was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Had NOT planned on swimming, but could not NOT go into that amazing color, bobbing around, immersed and just STARING at the color.


ANYhow, back to Earth:


Are you able to comment? If you've tried, did it work, what did you do (identity chosen), and what browser are you using?

I'm asking 'cause I had a problem with this today. I just checked out the blog via Firefox vs. Safari (go ahead, call me a Mac user) and it SO didn't work.

So, please tell me.

I         WANT        THIS         TO           WORK.

I like feedback.

Thanks, my patient little guinea piggies! =)


p.s. in future, if the term "piggies" is used, it's short for Guinea piggies, so is NOT an insult, yes? Yes.
 =) See, you are now SO in the know.


  1. I just realized this is a funny question. If you cannot comment, you cannot tell me you cannot comment. Well, I can suggest you try another browser and see if that works.

  2. Apparently Internet Explorer works, but there's an error message the first time I click "Post Comment." Click a second time and the verification word thing pops ups


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