Thursday, March 25, 2010

off to splash in the intertidal

I'm heading south to do some rocky intertidal sampling this weekend.

I'll be slapping on sunblock, sloshing around in soggy fleece pants, trying not to crash and burn on a boulder (one time that created what has ever since been called, and I was quoting an urgent care doctor, the "terrible hematoma"), or get swept away by a sneaker wave (happened--lifted by wave, carried off a few yards and unceremoniously dumped), and seeking and measuring owl limpets (Lottia gigantia) for hours at a time.


I seriously live for this kind of thing. =) 

Am bringing (typo was "brining") camera, even though I'll be in an environment (splashy, salty, wet, algae-y, slippery, sandy, rocky) that terrifies my Nikon. So, hope to have some pics of SOME kind next week from this adventure, as well as a healthy camera--no promises, though, re: photos, as I will be sampling and since it's only possible when the tide is out, one is somewhat pressed for time.

Hm.... where did I put my drybag?

the biobabbler

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