Tuesday, March 23, 2010

okay, now aquatic caterpillars with no lungs and who don't surface?

I just HAD to post this as the P.I. is a friend of mine. Beside the fact that it's freaky and mysterious, of course. Go, Dan!

"Amphibious caterpillars discovered in Hawaii

Scientists aren't sure how the 12 species spend weeks underwater without breaking the surface. They don't have gills and they don't hold their breath."

Copy and past this to your browser, if you wanna see...




  1. Incredible, Mother nature is always full of surprises. I shared the link with Debbie Hadley over at Insects.about.com She is always posting unusual articles about insects and I thought she would find this fascinating.

  2. Fantastic =) Now I have to go check out Insects.about.com! Thanks =)


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