Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring! Flowers a blazin' at Hite's Cove trail today...

A-ma-zing out there, today.

Hm.... what will be the first picture I post?

To set the scene for those who've not been to Hite Cove Hiking Trail (which my friends and I call Hite's Cove trail, but the former is what the USFS called it, and they own most of it), here's a wide shot.

So, yes it's a bit steep to your left and right (this is looking downstream at the South Fork of the Merced River, and you can see the bridge that supports Highway 140), and it's not wide, but just keep your feet on the trail, and you'll be fine.

And either walk, or take photos--not both. =)

Here's a shot of our state flower--fun pollen-acious detail if you click on it. And arcing just above it is an older bloom, with a seed pod just starting to develop.

And the flower in the background above, the blue-eyed gilia (Gilia tricolor), star below.

Frankly, I cannot believe I remembered the common name of the above. I didn't remember the scientific name, but am very psyched I didn't lie to folks on the trail who asked what it was. It's a truly charming flower.

Our old (and somewhat mysterious) friend Plagiobothrys spp. (woah, almost forgot to type common name, popcorn flower), VERY conveniently propped up by a branch so the wind didn't toss it to and fro. Wind was a bit of a challenge, but how bad can a day of photographing wildflowers be?

And, last (for today) but not least, a gorgeous bug. I believe it is a true bug, per

Trust me, its' worth a click to check out this creature's stylish attire. I like how there's orange poppies in the back and foreground. The place really was awash in blooms.

And now, while digesting tasty quiche, I am off to park fanny on couch and watch Fistful of Dollars. A good end to a great day.

the biobabbler

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