Monday, March 1, 2010

v. brief bulletin with "real post" to follow

Saw my first ringtail (Bassariscus astutus) EVER last night!!! SO excited.

Was seriously beginning to wonder if they were fictional, just the stuff of legends, but saw something low and long crossing the road in front of us (driving) and watched and we stopped and it stopped on the stone wall between us and the Merced River. Lovely, lovely creature. Very exciting. Unfortunately, my camera frightened it off (the pre-picture taking light it sends), but it was a delightful treat.

So, real post later. =)


  1. Always wanted to see a ringtail. BTW, the place where I lived in Catheys Valley had this big floodlight, and the local bats would orbit all night sucking up the insects as they came into range.

  2. @ CP NICE. I also just heard a bat at our house, after returning from the valley, the same night--possibly for the first time. Not sure I've heard bats here. I've seen them, but not heard. Very cool.

    I hope I'll always remember when I was on a river trip at Grand Canyon the bats we'd see at dusk, which made NO sound (if you're human), and then the ones I'd hear if I was awake in the middle of the night (for instance, if I'm awake 'cause the wind is blowing so hard I'm having to be human ballast to keep my tent from blowing away). =)

    Awesome experience.


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