Tuesday, March 16, 2010

XHTMLCSS! (Gesundheit!)

Doing things today that are not photo phriendly (reading about html/xhtml/css, trying to design a chicken coop divider, trying not to freak-out-that-all-the-windows-are-covered-in-opaque-plastic-due-to-house-getting-painted-so-I-can't-see-outside-at-ALL), etc., so no pretty post today.

Tho' maybe I'll toss you a couple Hawaii photo crumbs soon, just to keep you happy. =) See, I do care.

The good news is that the web book I'm reading should help me make things JUST the way I want them here and elsewhere (ooh, mysterious!) so, tho' the activity is not photogenic, perchance the results will be.

I love learning what's in the "black box." Really, I live for it.

In this case, HTML, et al., so no software intermediary necessary. Me and the computer, mano a mano. I learn it's language, it does my bidding, and that's that.


=) xoxo

the biobabbler

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