Sunday, April 25, 2010

humming bird feeder...

Got this from a friend of mine (wildlife biologist--Thanks!! =) ). I've NEVER put one up in my life, but figured I'd try it out.

Truly, those of you who know me and my amazing powers of procrastination, this is a minor miracle.

And I put it close enough to the window that I might get some decent pics for y'all.

We'll see.

Check out the super cool mirror images of the trees, with the sky in between. I assume this is due to convex and concave surfaces, plus the wonders of water, or something? Anyone? Any enlightenment here would be appreciated (all you physics phans).

Anyone has any h-bird feeder advice, I'm all ears. For starters, how often do you change the water? I know mold & bacteria are anathema, so every 2 days? Thoughts? I really want it in the sun so I can see h-bird colors best.

the biobabbler


  1. This can answer a few questions:

    I've heard that you should change the feeder maybe twice a week, especially if it's in the sun all day.

  2. Phew! I first read this as twice a day--ugh! Twice a week, well, that's more reasonable. Just boiled up a new batch which is cooling.

    No takers yet. I'm pretty sure they have to map it first, then word gets around...

    Thanks for the link. I'll definitely check that out.


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