Friday, April 9, 2010

Our phirst photo quiz Phriday!


This delightful picture courtesy of SIL on the east coast, showing what was found by my niece.

What is it?




  1. It looks like that seaweed with the bladders I used to pop. But I can't figure out the white stuff - that makes it look more like eggs. Given the warm spring eggs are probably my guess. Eggs of what, not sure (salamander?)

  2. honestly, trying to come up with a guess and can't... some kind of something in a tide pool?

  3. Yellow grapes in vermicelli with a sprinkling of Feta? I must be hungry.

  4. How about spider egg sack, with tiny hatched out spiders and some not yet hatched?

  5. Yes! Wendy got it! A pile of spider eggs my niece found and sister-in-law photographed magnification x8.

    Isn't it amazing? Looks like baby spider are yolks with 8 legs and a heart. =)


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