Saturday, April 17, 2010

photo quiz Phriday--5.51 hours late

Sorry it's tardy. Had it drafted, just spaced on posting it. Here she is!

Who am I?

(photo taken at Hite Cove Trail, Saturday, April 10th)

the biobabbler


  1. Nymphalidae: Euphydryas, probably chalcedona sierra.

  2. Of course skeptical moth is correct. =) I got to Euphydryas, thanks to a ringer-friend (after throwing in the towel once I'd looked at 10,000 butterfly baby pictures).

    I don't know, however, how variable caterpillars are within species, so wouldn't try to go further than that--I expect skepticalmoth is the one to do that. =)

    A beautiful creature in both juvenile and adult form. =)


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