Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project BudBurst + photo quiz answer in that day's comment

Project BudBurst is a cool "national phenology and climate change field campaign for citizen scientists."

There are top 10 species that they want reports on when those species in your area are budding, flowering, and blooming. They'll also accept reports re: other species.

Issue is: Spring has crept backward (earlier) in the year by days and days over the last 10-20  years, and fall has walked further away. This affects lots of things (since everything is connected in ecology), but in any case, phenology (what blooms when through the year) is a key tool to track and measure this change.

Anyhow, an easy and fun way to make a contribution to real science.



(P.S. the answer to the Phriday Photo Quiz is in the comments of that post)

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