Wednesday, April 7, 2010

THE shot I wanted at Hite Cove, and the joys of digital photography...

So, rather than bury the lead, here's the shot of the field of flowers I really wanted while at Hite Cove.

Relevance of "the joy of digital photography" lead? It's photo # 275 for that day. If It'd stopped 2 minutes earlier, I would never have gotten the sea-o-flowers shot I wanted.


Just. Keep. Shooting.

California poppies and blue-eyed gilia.

Two orange and purple shots. Lovely to see in person. Hard to capture on film.

The beautiful and elegant prairie star, my guess, Lithophragma parviflorum.

A wacky shooting star. Love this thing.

Last shot for today: looking out of my window, waiting for the light to change, on the drive home.



  1. LOVE the flower photos! Just mistakenly called the prairie star a delphinium, but can now see my mistake. Thanks!

  2. =) Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. It was a stunner day.

    Went again last weekend (Saturday) but still need to sort them out. Only JUST got internet, now it's almost 5 p.m.! There's also woodland star which is like prairie star but less deeply lobed and less fringy, and I'll post that soon (from Sat).


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