Thursday, May 6, 2010

These are the things...

about 50 earwigs
1 grasshopper
1 earthworm
2 centipedes
a handful of ants
1 mahogany-colored chrysalis (occupied)
1 tiny, shiny black beetle
1 FAT grub as big as my pinky

...that Cinder (my chicken) is made of.

Since Monday, that is, after she accompanied me during yard work. I was moving flagstone that had long rested in place, flipping random, crumbling boards, and digging out our too-shallow ditch.

When I tipped up a particularly large slab of flagstone, she was so excited by the scattering herds of earwigs that she squeaked. On top of her happy clucking sound--bonus squeaks. I've never heard that before.

She LOVES earwigs. I admit I'm not a huge fan. Happily, I have my charming, intrepid integrated pest management (IPM) professional working by my side, always enthusiastically lending a beak.

'Cause that's what little chickens are made of.

the biobabbler

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