Saturday, June 12, 2010

more shots from the marina...

because it amuses me.

btw, I'm home, and it's very quiet (save the satellite radio) and peaceful and simple and lovely. The house of windows. I love it.


Where I saw swallows (cliff) actually RESTING on the beach! =) Passed it twice, same gang swooping and swinging through the air with some touch downs to chill on their dark, breezy, empty beach. Sweet. I'm glad they have a place.

The combination of colors and textures in this scene make me NUTS. LOVED it. Better in person, but not bad digitally. So not used to muddy delta waters. My oceanic past was on the Pacific, right there. This is very different, but similarly cool, breezy and soothing.

Oh, btw, do you know the what very well known town was named by our lovely toyon (pictured above, and owner of one of my VERY favorite scientific names, Heteromeles arbutifolia)? It's a WAY cool story, so lemmeno if you have or have not heard...

Unfortunately NOT sharp, but lovely to watch: snowy egret hunting, very still, stunning, and it's sides rolling with reflected wave glare. A lovely, arresting scene. (sigh)

I didn't get too close 'cause I didn't want it to have to fly off. My parents taught me better. =)

Slightly different shot than last time (very slightly). It's JUST the MOST photogenic grass EVER. Sheesh! GORgeous. Super-soft fuzzy, shimmering, and elegantly, lazily waving in the wind, all at once. (swoon)

Woah, bb makes an appearance! I just loved the water and cattails and SHADOWS. And, as mentioned, in person the cattails are swirling in the breeze, like woozy ladies from the 19th century with too-tight corsets: faltering, weaving, and recovering, en masse.


I love wildlife trails and the mysterious lives they allude to, but never reveal.



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