Thursday, June 24, 2010

rising and resurrection...

So, an update on the no knead bread dough...


Definitely rose a bunch--yay! Despite some OLD yeast.

Now it's resting in the fridge--plunked it there last night. They say chilled dough is MUCH easier to handle than room temp, and this is extra wet dough per the techniques, so we'll see what happens today in the forming-loaf-and-baking department.

Bought little sacs of seeds at the healthfood store yesterday afternoon for decorating the crust-to-be. (forage, forage, forage) Ready!

So, speaking of rising (in this case from the nearly dead), a miraculous and unexpected twist of fate:

This was brought home last week. Basil that had been bought to use but forgotten or otherwise left wrapped up and not in water and shriveled predictably.

In a fit of "Oh, what the heck" last week I plunked it into a glass of water, trimming the roots first.

Since then, honestly, I'd forgotten about it and had basically not gotten around to chucking it.


It's back!

New blooms!

The cause? That oh-so-enviable ability to sprout NEW roots. Brown roots are the old ones, brilliant white ones are TOTALLY new. Hence, resurrection.

If I were a plant, that is DEFINITELY one of the traits I'd be hoping for every Christmas.

Ooh, now that I think of it, it's plays to the little phrase I have at the top of this blog on the right. Luctor et emergo. Struggle and emerge!

Nice work, basil. You may now get to be PLANTED in my GARDEN and live who KNOWS how much longer?

Take home message?  Just Hang In There. You never know when things might turn around.



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