Thursday, July 22, 2010

FYI, it's been a little crazy around here...

If my posts have been reminding you of the Los Angeles International Airport, lately, as in LAX, I've been a bit busy.

Today is 11th day in a row working, and working tomorrow, too. Soon I take off for 2 days, then return, and the following day I may and the next day I definitely will be traveling again, and then I'm gone till the following Sunday, and maybe Monday (depending on how psyched I am to drive 4.5 hours after a most-of-the-day travel/flight day).

 kitties travel cheap...

I think the almost-week I'm gone I'm in a place with no phone and no internet, so will be rather isolated. AND, that trip is not about me, so I don't get to dictate what we do, when.

Not that it won't be a TON of fun and I WILL bring my camera. This remote(ish) place is GORGEOUS. I expect it will be fabulous.

Just not really sure what kinda posting will happen during. =) So if it gets a bit dull here, please be patient and check in later.

In the meantime I hope you are all enjoying your own adventures, big and small, even if it's just looking at a cool bug on the potted plant on the porch.




  1. Kitties aren't fussy about entertainment, are they?

  2. @Kyna--I know! I was all psyched about the boots, but they love a good cardboard box. =)


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