Monday, July 26, 2010

Mono Mumday + Tuolumne (Yosemite) + Lukens Lake






  1. What a tantalizing array of photos. Who are the lizzies perched on the rocks of the lakeshore, they're beautiful!? And the taquito-looking goodies with salad are making me hungry!

  2. =) So glad you enjoyed it =) Lizzies are the common sagebrush lizard, Sceloporus graciosus, as far as I know, and this link says that the females are the ones that get the orange bit during breeding season, so now that's even more evidence that the scene with 2 is a "date." Sweet! Those taquito-lovelies are lobster taquitos and they are AMAzing. At the Mobile gas station/Woah Nellie Deli in Lee Vining. Spectacular!

  3. The title of this post sounds like part of a Lewis Carroll poem about Wonderland! Beautiful scenery (alas no lizards up here).

    Christine in Alaska

  4. What a unique array of pictures.
    Anyway, whats is the first picture?
    (Can't really figure it out what it is)

  5. @ Christine B. I'll have to look that poem up! Love the ever-nutty and inventive LC.

    @ James: First shot is something I saw while inside a coffee shop in Mammoth Lakes, staring outside the window. They had an outdoor seating area shaded by that white thing, and the blue sky with clouds you could see through it drove me nuts so I went to the car and got the camera. Genius idea re: gorgeous shade-making.


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