Monday, July 19, 2010

Mumday--country living




  1. I'm always hoping to find tree frogs in my garden, but despite efforts to create the right environment, they've yet to appear.
    [By the way, I really like your photo imprint. Can you share details via email about it?]
    Cheers, Alice
    aka Bay Area Tendrils!

  2. First year we were here I heard tree frogs near the house, but I haven't heard them since. Not even this last El Niño winter. Maybe they're protesting that we haven't built a pond yet :P Your chickens look bemused by their 'swimming pool'. Do they actually splash about in it? Or just use it as a watering hole? I was tempted to install misters in our run last week when the temps tipped over 100. Poor chooks.

  3. @ Alice: I wish you the best of luck re: finding froggies. They are adorable and the young ones are SO TINY! This one actually looked like a gravid (egg-carrying) female 'cause she was pretty big and paunchy. Rescued her from my (indoor) cat, poor thing. Looked okay, at least.
    @ Curbstone--how odd. How many acres are you? Don't suppose any water sources have dried up or been redirected? I'm amazed at all the frogs here 'cause its (mostly) SO DRY. Hope you get some =) The black chicken (smartest) stands in the pool, the smaller white one does, and the huge white one perches on the edge so her toes get cooled. =) And they drink from it a LOT, which is good.

  4. I was in my twenties before I figured out we had frogs in my state. OK, frog. Our little wood frog is as cute as a button, but scarce unless you are near a lake...which I am not. Guess I'll have to try for the chickens.

    Christine in Alaska

  5. @ Christine--that's TOO cool. I'm SHOCKED you have frogs, 'cause of all that freezing cold! I suppose they dig way down in the mud and hang there during the winter? Do you know??


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