Friday, July 2, 2010

Phriday photo quiz #9

This is a gardening-knowledge quiz.

1. What are these plants (generally, don't need specific variety or anything),


2. Why did I plant them near one another?




  1. i can't quite tell... sighhhh but i'm sure u had a reason.. perhaps to ward off 'evil' insects or to grow better or even better, to attract caterpillars etc. :D

  2. testing the comments box 'cause it doesn't seem to be working--I've had TWO people comment to me and nothing is coming up. Drat!

    And this is a quiz, for Pete's sake. Working on it! In the mean time write your comments to and I'll post them wherever you would have. =)

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  4. Anonymous said:
    the fuzzy plant is a flower that attracts bad bugs away from your veggies. Can't pull name out of my too early in the morning brain, but it's flowers are orange... chrysanthemum?.... anyway they sacrifice themselves to foliage destroying pests so you get more goodies for the table....


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