Sunday, July 11, 2010

You'll NEVER believe this...

I certainly didn't.

Tuesday I plant "three sisters": squash, beans, corn in one plot (well, 60% of one plot). Seem to recall average germination is in the ball park of 9 days (off top of my head) so figure I'll be watering dirt for some time.

This morning (Sunday) I see about 3 things coming up, that look like this:

What?!? I KNOW that is not squash and I know that is not bean and I know it is not our ordinary weeds. I think:    The CORN SPROUTED in 5 DAYS?!?

Woah. That is IN-sane.

I had NO idea it could be that quick.

So I note that, freak out, water things, and then take off for a hike.

Spend the next 8 hours away, driving to, then taking a great hike in, Yosemite NP (and I'll be posting lots of pictures from that soon).

I return, let chickens into their yards and freshen up the water in their "pools" ('cause it's so freakin' hot) and go water the garden.

THIS is what I see in the 3 sisters plot:

baby squash!!

that's more corn sprouting, partially hidden by dead grass (I'm so clever...)

more squash and corn
Color me shocked!

AND, I think the sunflower seeds have also sprouted, and I planted them WEDNESDAY!!

Check it out:

Has anyone else had an experience like this? Please lemmeno if you have.

I know it's been hot, but really...


Stunned and Amazed by Nature, as ever,


P.S. So, next day I'm not exhausted from the hike: Burgess Buttercup Squash "Days to germ" = 5-10 (so that's on target, but the EARLIEST possible time); Good Mother Stallard Pole Bean Dtg = 8-16, which makes sense as I've not seen it yet; and last but not least, Hopi Blue Corn Dtg = 7-10. So, the corn is officially ahead of schedule and the squash is not, but WAY on the earliest possible day. Beans: still thinking happy thoughts, hoping they'll a) arrive, b) not get eaten by everyone as tiny sprouts.
PPS I was wrong on the sunflowers. This morning (Monday) I now see them up, and they look a little yellow, not great, so we'll see if it lasts. Gave them a good soaking, so maybe that'll help?


  1. Congrats. It is always exciting to me to see the new sprouts polking out of the ground.

  2. =) Yup, every time it's a thrill and feels like a miracle.


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