Thursday, August 5, 2010

brrring, brrring! brrrring, brrrring!

brrrrring, brrrrring...   
(phone ringing)

brrrrring, brrrrring...   

brrrrring, brrrrring; brrrring, brrrring...

brrrrring, brrrrrring...

Hm... Oh, well. (click)




  1. Blobabbler - you showing off or what! Landscapes maxing out. I will one day do a reciprocal picture library from my flat oh so flat Suffolk, In UK!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Haha, I can imagine you standing on a mountain top. Your cell is ringing...

    I want you to pick it up.

    'Hello? Hey. Oh, nothing. Just standing on a mountaintop. What are you up to?'


  4. @ Catherine: That's exactly what Mt. Rainier is like: landscapes maxing out. Seriously. My friend and I were driving around, we'd turn a corner, see another ridiculously amazing view and he'd just gesture, wordless, like "Come ON, really?" Just doesn't stop. Crazy. I USED to live up there--no more.

    @Babs: you are most welcome!! =)

    @Kyna Nice =) 'course, I have no cell phone (I know, bizarre, but no reception in my boonies home). Oh, and funny thing about Mt. Rainier and much of Yosemite: People bring cell phones for safety? And for the most part, there is NO reception, so it's totally NOT gonna help you. Take home: BE PREPARED. =)


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