Tuesday, August 17, 2010

cat safety message...

...from Hyperbole and a half (made me weep with laughter--still wiped out from it):

I think this is the fastest I ever "follow"-ed a blog; a RIOT.


And a good ab workout.



P.S. and how genius is the blog title?


  1. I had to show my husband that one when she first posted it, I was crying it was so funny. :D

  2. ha! Have you read her post on "why I'll never be an adult?" SOOOOO GOOD! I swear, she read my mind. :)

  3. @Kyna: I think I found this through a link on a site I found through YOUR site, so THANK YOU!!! =)

  4. This is the blog that made me have to fake-cough at work, so the laughing wouldn't be quite so obvious.

  5. @CP Genius. I.love.that.story. =)

  6. @tiff: I KNOW. I feel exACTLY the same way. After a day of errands run, very productive, and the world then continues me to do more? Over and over? Same cycles, avoidance, procrastination, panic, action, productivity, celebration (always premature), exhaustion, avoidance... =) She (Allie) is seriously a psychic comedic genius.


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