Monday, August 30, 2010

good news and bad news (for now)...

Good news
So, for the first time ever on a flight during the day (this time returning from the Midwest) I FINALLY had my camera with me on the plane so I could reach it, even if the fasten seat belt sign was lit (I'm a total rule follower, esp. re: safety).

AND there were AMAzing views this time. I CANNOT believe my luck. Wonderful experience.

I took "lotsa photos."

Grain bin apparently apprehensive about the impending bad news...

Bad news
And now, I cannot find the cable that connects my camera to my computer.

To quote an earlier draft of this post: "But I REALLY hope that of ALL the things I might have left, I did NOT leave that cable behind."

Ah, yes. Well...

I have since determined, through skill and cunning (and an e-mail to our Midwestern host) that of all things (like, say, socks I'm sick of, or one of my 900 white field shirts), I forgot the cable.

So, I just get to look at my Nikon (really, I try not to). And wait. Yeah. I'm so good at that.

So, please pardon the delay.

More good news
I WILL update you on the garden (which is in full "It's AUGUST!!!" crazy-greeness-swing) and share what I hope to be really cool shots from 30,000ft over the Southwest. Cannot (well, apparently I MUST) wait to see them!

Oh, one more GOOD news point. I am getting back into web-building/learning mode, so this site may benefit, as well as those of my "clients." We shall see!



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