Monday, August 23, 2010

our little physics lesson for the day: a la rhubarb pie...

If you think the 2 rhubarb pies you are baking are done, begin to slide rack towards you (with pies filled with boiling custard...) and rack TIPS down of its own accord, the molten pies then start SPEEDING toward you, and you leap out of the way to watch them FLING onto the linoleum (upside down, of course), their contents SHOOTING out across the floor to within inches of the opposite wall...

What you might learn is that the teeny, tiny, painstakenly chopped pieces of rhubarb can slide up to 6.5 feet FURTHER across the floor than the pie plate. Substantially further than all of the custard.

This, at least, is what we learned about mechanical physics today.

And, you?


P.S. Good news is, though, that I have ended the day with grass stains on my pants (meaning I got outside and played). Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes would approve, though my wardrobe does not.


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