Thursday, August 19, 2010

photo withdrawals...

My camera battery is d.e.d., and my spare is no where to be found (really hope it appears, this'll be the 2nd back up I've lost if it doesn't) so I finally admitted defeat this a.m. and took out the drained battery and shoved it into the charger.

So, that's why it's been not super visual around here of late.

I totally have withdrawal.

Consequently, I will have to dig through my 10,000,000 photos and slam some up here just because I like them. Hm, maybe I'll do it now?

Oh, why not?

So, a few more pics from last week's tour du Yosemite:

Half Dome view from Glacier Point.
Yeah, it's okay...

Amazing shrub/rock combo at Glacier Point.

Then we hiked to Sentinel Dome. Here's the "lid" of same.

Love that wacky stone landscape.
And SO amazed at the trees that can live there!

Dome to dome: view of Half Dome from Sentinel Dome...

... and, panning right.

If I was standing up tall here, or walked a bit forward (not too far...) I could see Vernal and Nevada falls in the right third of the photo.

Oh, kinda like here (from back at Glacier Point):

Fun thing about this view is that my visitors had hiked up to Vernal falls the day before, so then they got to see it from here. How cool is that?  Mind you they hiked up that far with 2 kids, the youngest being 6 years old. We were amazed.

Apparently this place inspires people.

Major bonus of having visitors: it gets me into the park! Love that. And there's very little work involved. Give them a place to sleep and bathe, a bit of food and the park does ALL the rest. And they're happy. Really happy.

Once had a friend visit and I had to work (back in my NPS days) so we dropped her off with directions to a place to hike. Picked her up 9 hours later, feeling guilty that I'd abandoned her. She had a huge, relaxed smile, plunked herself into our back seat, and the first words out of her mouth were, "I'm so blissed out." =)

Go, Yosemite!


P.S. will be hitting the road very soon, so postings may be very spotty (to nil) in the next week. However, I WILL be bringing my camera (of course!) with newly charged battery, so hope to return with plenty pics for you all, to show you another part of the world. VERY different from here.

P.P.S. I MAY be doing a spot of work while out there (which means time on the Mac) so MIGHT get to process and post some photos... we'll just have to see! =)


  1. Fabulous photos! I keep meaning to buy an extra battery... and memory cards too. Glad to have found you over at blotanical. ;>)


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