Thursday, September 9, 2010

the cable, she is IN!

So, FINALLY got to upload the pictures yesterday, but didn't process them 'cause of mega-migraine, but am slowing going through them today, so some COOL shots of the American Midwest and mostly Southwest a la Delta airlines. So fun!

Here are a few I like... hope you enjoy.

This is an example of one of my favorite things: regardless of what people do to alter the landscape, the original shape of the land reveals itself, esp. if at a distance. I LOVE that. Like the planet saying, akin to the Whos, We are here! We are here! Be sure and click on it for detail.


m is for marvelous


I like how this almost looks abstract, or like a painting/cartoon. I also dig the lack of obvious roads, etc. Just EARTH.

By the way, this is one of a long list of reasons why, when the flight attendant asks over the P.A. for folks to lower their window shades to allow folks to more easily see some B movie, I blithely ignore it if there are amazing sights below. No way.

Life is too short to watch E Entertainment recaps vs. gape at this incredible planet. =)

So, should be returning to more active photography now, since I have emptied my camera of all those shots. Gotta go get more!


biobabbler, back to life (phew!)


  1. I couldn't resist:

  2. Awesome! So true. Go glad to be here. =) Thanks so much--what fun! (biobabbler does some chair dancing)

  3. These are fantastic shots! I love the patchwork of the farmland and the winding snake of the river. Agreed that these views are entirely worth missing some lame attempt at entertainment on board.

  4. Brilliant photos.

    *ahem* Speaking as a former flight attendant, I was often to be found with my nose pressed against the window, gazing in awe at the sights below. An even better view was to be had from the flight deck :D

  5. Heaps better than a B movie :) Lovely aerial shots - a perspective I rarely see

    Laura x

  6. It is so fabulous to look out a window from high in the sky onto our world... I am with you... there is no movie that would tempt me away from the stunning views and clouds you show! Close the shade indeed! ;>)


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