Wednesday, September 1, 2010



 Sorry, but it's one of my favorite puns, ever.

=) Pretty much never terribly funny in person, but it makes me happy, and I cannot resist. There are advantages to being immature, at times.

By the way, I took this picture through a car window last week in the Midwest. You cannot tell, but I took that picture because those hay bales are HUGE-MONGOUS! Just a totally different scale than bales I'd ever seen. I assume they MUST use equipment to move them vs. big farm guys.

While we're on the topic, I have in-law-relatives who've spent their lives on farms and one of them said that when he was young he could carry 4 bales at a time. One under each arm, and one in each hand.

This guy was 70-something while I was chatting with him and he STILL has a big, barrel chest, broad shoulders, and giant hands. Man, you work your body hard and it adapts! I was extra in awe 'cause I am very much NOT powerfully built, so being able to do what he did just sort of fascinates me.

Thanks to the International Federation of Body Builders, where this (1975) photo was originally published

Plus, ever the biologist, the way the human body can physically change, adapting to stress, or whatever we do or do not ask of it, never ceases to amaze me.

Hm, guess I should start that workout about now, then, eh? =)



  1. Hmmm...the way the human body can change...never ceases to amaze me either. Those hay piles remind me that the holidays will be coming up fast...and the ol' waistline will be a changin'! ;)

  2. Comment from gdgtarea:
    hey man those hey! bales were probably for a commercial farm somewere. and i bet there heavy. i am building a blog follow me thanks man.


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