Sunday, October 31, 2010

last Monday's harvest shot...


Apparently some stealthy corn and squash were still out there in the Three-Sisters thicket.

There's still LOADS of tomatoes out there--I honestly think it's the bulk of our entire harvest. Trying to let them ripen out on the vine as long as possible. Supposed to be in the 70s here, soon, and sunny (rain is done), so maybe more will redden before I have to do the giant tomato harvest.

Keeping my eye on the overnight lows, so I can be sure and grab stuff before it freezes.

Fieldwork updates will probably come today, including a rattlesnake shot.


p.s. if bb seems a little less colorful than usual, she's illin'.
p.p.s. Remember that starting Monday, I might post hardly at all until December as I'm supposed to be writing a novel, of all things! =)


  1. It is going to get very cold here tonight! I have never seen that color of corn! Good luck with your novel!! ;>)

  2. =) Do you think it'll freeze where you are? Yes, it's deep, dark blue. I need to look up how to mill it. Thanks for the novel wishes. =)

  3. We had some frost but not so bad yet! BTW what was that geographical map arial photo you had earlier? It looked so familiar somehow. ;>)

  4. It was Lake Mead, if you're thinking about the last aerial shot I put up, of a lake in a very dry area? Is that the one?


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