Tuesday, October 12, 2010

today's harvest... still!

 This is a large serving platter, not a normal-sized plate, so stuff is bigger than you think.

Dropped one tomato, so need to use that 1st, two were over-ripe or something, so they went to the chickens. THIS is why it's so hard to yank out  plants (e.g., squash, tomato) in late summer to plant winter stuff.

So, thinking I FINALLY need to get movin' on spaghetti sauce this week.

Pretty much all winter veggies are still tiny cotyledons. Happily next 5 days or so will get up to 80s, so maybe the plants will grow? =) Skippy's garden is pretty much convincing me I need to fabricate some sort of cold frames to get these guys growing.


P.S. Cool ocean etc. pics from this weekend coming up. Took over 200, so it's taking me a while to process and then finally select a few to share. xo

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  1. Your tomatoes look great! Some of our tomatoes are still producing a fair amount of fruit too. I'm trying to hold off putting out the winter veg seedlings a little longer, especially as we're in a heat wave at the moment...but the toms will have to go soon so we can plant the next crop!


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