Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't think you are amazing? Think again.

Check this article out, by the amazing science writer, Natalie Angier.


One thing it talks about is how our eyes are pretty much able to detect light in the tiniest units that physically exist (a single photon).

You cannot really spend ANY time learning about photography and taking photographs, etc., without appreciating your eyes. What I see with my eyes is always perfectly exposed, focused, and with just the right depth of field. Replicating that via camera takes a lot of know-how. And often, still doesn't work.

A friend sent this article to me saying this is why I love biology.

Yeah, it's pretty freakin' cool. =)



  1. Another longtime Angier fan here!

  2. neat article! Really enjoyed it and feel smarter now, too. Thanks! Me feeling better and smarter about myself? is that a kind of evolution?

  3. @ Janet: my husband is a fan like you and clued me in to her special genius. =)

    @ Melissa: glad you liked it. Sure, progressive change = evolution. You feel smarter? You probably ARE smarter. You for sure are more knowledgeable, yes? =)


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