Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gardening deadlines: INCOMING! It's now or never.

2 mornings ago (click on it!).
See? Happy bee. That is why I couldn't cut them and bring them inside.

It's going to freeze here probably Monday night so today/tomorrow I must decide if I'm going to a) save my 5 pepper and 4 chrysanthemum plants by potting and bringing them inside or b) just let them die 'cause I'm lazy and I hate the ant-luring nature of outdoor plants brought inside (read: lazy).

Carbon-wise (i.e. planet-wise) I know I should bring them inside. One pepper plant (jalapeno) can live 10 years if you bring it in during winter.

This is that same SLOW moving bumble bee I've photographed before. They are SO on a different temporal plane than any other bee I've seen. BIG puppies. So odd and lumbering.

Oh, I must also pick all the rest of the tomatoes before Monday night. I expect that'll be another 15 lbs (I'd guess, at least) of tomatoes. We'll have about 30 lbs of tomatoes.

We are DROWNING in produce. There is produce on every flat surface in our house.

Apples, persimmons, pomegranates, squash... the pumpkins and tomatoes are like tribbles. And I'm hearing daily requests for pumpkin pie. =)

Think I'll make a fresh batch of coffee, and see what develops.

What fall chores are you doing/planning/enjoying/dodging?



  1. Hi BB - bringing plants in means you have to find room for them! Shame to lose those Chrysanths though - think of them shivering out there in the cold.
    Leaf clearing is current main project and have just stripped and drying tuberous begonias for 4th year running. Still have Spring bulbs to plant ;)


  2. walnut harvest, moved the earthworm bin to the non-storm side of the barn, seeding native grasses and wildflowers, clean out the garage, waterproofing rain gear, take window screens off some of the windows for brilliant winter view, secure the cinder screen (again!) on the chimney

  3. 30 pounds of tomatoes? that's out of control. I'll take some! Cute bees, too. I'm annoyingly jealous of your flowers and garden grub!

  4. @ Laura: Oh, that reminds me, I HAD planned on planting garlic, and KEEP FORGETTING! You are totally right re: space. That is what we don't have, so talked it over with Bear and those pups are gonna freeze. I bet your begonias are gorgeous!

    @ Cindy: WOW, that's a chore list--I'm super impressed! Way to workout the old fashioned way. =)

    @ JN: =) You are SO welcome to as many tomatoes as you can pack for your travels. And, I agree: bees are pretty much always cute.


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