Friday, November 26, 2010

more beach + Phriday photo quiz


And the Phriday photo quiz picture is....

Who are we?

And the bonus Phriday photo quiz is....

Who are we, and what specific physiological feature is unique to us from among all other birds?

=) bb


  1. are these the infamous skimmers? with the slack jaws?

  2. Hi BB

    what gorgeous beach pics - wish I was there.

    Think Pic 1 are Curlews

    Pic 2 - look like Terns - not sure of the species ? Great Crested. We have webbed feet and can't perch and neither do we swim


  3. No way I'm guessing about some sandpiper, but the bonus look like Black Skimmers with their elongate lower mandibles. Or is it reduced upper mandible? Or maybe one went one way and the other the other.

  4. Gonna wait one more day before replying so more folks can take a gander and guess... Thanks for your ideas--answers soon! xo

  5. I think being from Missouri and guessing Sandpiper shoud get me something. Unless, of course, they aren't sandpipers. Bonus quiz? No idea, but I really like their faces!


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