Friday, November 12, 2010

oh, alright, alright....

I get the message.

My camera has finally shouted at me, by over exposing most shots I took last night, that I really do have to learn how to use my camera to prevent the washed out look that makes me NUTS.

Happily I have a friend who's a photographer, so I just have to dig up his e-mail re: this topic (I'd whined about it before) to see what I need to do. I know it involves bracketing shots and noting the result--nothing elaborate.

I'm just being a weenie. =)

It was gorgeous in the park last night. Many of the rock features have a light dusting of snow on them--it rained several days ago. So beautiful! And there are yellow leaves all over the ground, draped across black-green mossy rocks, floating in the water, etc.

How's fall progressing in your neck of the woods?



  1. We were having a beautiful, albeit very dry, fall. But that all changed yesterday. Gloomy rain, rain, rain. But, boy, did we need it. Looking forward to the weekend, for sure!

  2. Still mild fall in central coast Calif, but the sunrises and sunsets have been lovely. On Nikons, you just use the Exposure Compensation button (pushing it brings up a ruler with plus and minus sides of zero and you keep pushing the button to over or under expose your current setting). Here's a discussion by Miz Booshay who does a great job of simply explaining things. Your photos are always so good, I somehow think I am not understanding your question, but there is always more to learn about nature and photography.

  3. Oh, Cindy, bless you 3 times over. I will SO look up that explanation, and thanks v. much for the EC button clue. Will MOST def. be looking that puppy up. Thanks v. much re: my pics. What was impressive re: last outing was the VERY SMALL # of pics I thought good enough to fling onto the blog. Most so blasted out, they were pretty awful, even pushing contrast via iPhoto to the max. Yes re: nature and photography perpetual learning. Same with gardening (sort of nature)--hence my love for all 3, probably. Never dull. =)


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