Thursday, November 4, 2010

Take 2: Phriday photo quiz 1 day early: #22


What is unusual about this photo (aside from the fact that it was taken one handed driving 60 mph)?



P.S. Re-posted a much LARGER file so you can actually solve the mystery. Sorry. Didn't realize the last photo was too small to solve the problem. =)


  1. I'm ashamed to say I have no idea. When will you reveal the answer?

  2. Did you click on the photograph? No need for shame.If it was super obvious, it'd not be a photo quiz. I'll probably post the answer in 2-3 days, if no one has guessed it. =)

  3. Snow in the Mojave? Very unusual!!!

  4. Got it!

    You missed your turn for the Mojave Cactus Gardens and now you are forced to back track!

  5. Hee. You guys are very funny and VERY close!! However, since it's still JUST barely Friday, I'm gonna wait a little longer and see if someone gets it exactly. xoxo


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