Friday, November 19, 2010

Phriday photo quiz #24


Who am I?

(I stowed away in bb's rental while in the Midwest this summer. It was my big chance to move from Small Town, Midwest, to the big city, Minneapolis! woo hoo!)

P.S. Answer to last week's quiz, in case you missed it, was white-headed woodpecker, which Melissa at got in about 4 minutes. YOWsa! Quick on the draw Birder Woman! Nice work. =)


  1. Gosh, that's a handsome spider. I thought it might be an Argiope, because our species build their webs with the same fancy decorations. A bit of Googling brought up A. aurantia.

    Hope it enjoyed the road trip!

  2. Because the woodpecker was a "white headed" woodpecker, I was going to go with "black and yellow spider." know, thinking I was funny. Then, seeing Snail's A. aurantia, I did some googling and saw that it's also called a Black and Yellow Garden Spider. And THAT, I thought WAS funny.

    She sure is a pretty one!

  3. Nice work, Snail. =) Woo-hoo! They are so beautiful. They're webs are so distinctive and they are huge beauties. Bear kept laughing 'cause there was a full on web in the rental car and we'd not noticed. We pulled over at a rural rest stop with a really nice field and moved her there. =) So, she's not a city spider, but I think that field is a nicer place.

    @Melissa: That IS funny. Nice work. =) LOVE when things are well named. It was YEARS before I saw the ruby crown of the ruby crowned kinglet.


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