Monday, November 29, 2010

tiny ice skating rinks ...

on top of the chickens' water bowls. I broke through them, fearless chicken defender that I am, refilled with warm water, then gave everyone sunflower seeds (shelled), tomatoes, and pak choi for breakfast. It's officially cold!

One error I did make was pouring one chicken's watering bowl contents onto her porch. Ooops, now it's probably frozen... a summer time habit. Sorry, Fanny!

Still thousands of words behind schedule (NaNoWriMo, and might I add, arf!), but here's a very handsome duck from the SD zoo. Do click and zoom--I saved it extra large so you can enjoy his spectacular and finely detailed beauty. Yowsa!



  1. Ducks always look very pleased with themselves when they sit like that (especially when they have such great plumage).

  2. I know, right? I almost wrote something about how he MUST know how devastatingly handsome he is. Seems to. And I was mere paparazza. =)


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