Monday, December 20, 2010

the calm between storms...

(Merced NWR)

We are between rainstorms today (phew). No sun expected, but drizzle vs. torrential flood-causing rains. We have a friend who, like Rapunzel, may be stuck at her house 'cause the driveway connecting her to the main road is occasionally under water when it's really rainy. She assured us, a few days ago, though, that she's stocked up, so she can wait.  =)

Yesterday a frog decided our back porch (which was 40% pond) was his new home, and an nice place to sing a song. Very cute. I love that during some of the most intense downpour when you think "Wow, it's awful out there!" you then hear a froggie singing so happily. All depends upon your perspective.




  1. LOL. We had an arboreal salamander (first sighting here on the property) seek refuge on our porch yesterday during a deluge. Two inches of rain before noon wasn't a good start to the day. I hope we all get to dry out a little before the next wave comes through!

  2. My sister in Rancho Cucamonga said her rain gauge overflowed, and she was wondering where she could download plans for an ark.

  3. @Curbstone: arboreal salamander!!! How VERY cool! Totally envious! =) Yes, I heard from Bear that the next storm, after 2 days of... wait for it... SUNSHINE, will be very weak so won't drown us. Phew!

    @CP: Wow. That's impressive! Apparently from Friday to Monday a weather station near us got seven inches of rain.


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