Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yosemite Valley in winter

(Feb 2010)

The waterfalls are crankin' at the park right now, more so than in this picture, which is from a colder time of year. AND we went there last weekend with friends (no camera as water and my Nikon don't get along) and because it was and had been raining (LOTS), we discovered so many tiny white-thread waterfalls that normally aren't there, pouring down sheer 2000+ foot granite cliffs. Wonderful treat.

Yet another experience in nature which says "If it's stormy out, venture forth ANYhow." =) And it was deserted at Yosemite NP, so that was nice, too.

Well, except at the Ahwahnee 'cause they're having their annual Bracebridge dinner, so that's the first time I ever saw a tuxedo and red sequins in the Ahwahnee bar. Two different people, of course....

And me, in fleece and rain gear. How gauche. =) (drip, drip, drip...)



P.S. in the next few days it's supposed to stop raining (for 2 days) so maybe I'll take a peek at my "winter garden" and snap a few shots? =)
P.P.S. FYI: in the above photo, the waterfall on the right, Bridal Veil, is the same as the fall in yesterday's post. =)


  1. Those mountains are magnificent!

    Your rain has been making news over here. Must be raining just about everywhere. (Except Heathrow Airport!)

    Have a lovely holiday break!

    (Sorry about all the exclamation marks.)

  2. Hee. I cannot fault another for using exclamation marks (well, we call them exclamation points, up here)! I tend to also be enthusiastic. =) I cannot believe YOU are hearing about our Calif. rain. Maybe 'cause it includes Hollywood, land of 50,000,000 cameras? Today has actually started out sunny, which is exciting. Then tomorrow through Wed = more rain. =) I hope you have a great holiday, too. =)


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