Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goin' to the Big Easy

It's my first time, and I'll be up to my eyeballs in a conference, but will have one day of leisure (I hope). Planning to cruise around the garden district, as I hear it's lovely--my friends recommended it to me knowing I'm not the drunken melee type. =)

Cannot WAIT to see those historic, gorgeous gardens/houses, and of course will share them with you upon my return. It's not for months, but I just made the reservations, so I'm excited and had to tell SOMEbody. =) (Yes, that'd be you)

Any of you know what bird or plant species I should keep my eyes peeled for while there? Or places near Canal Street with marvelous food? Is it worth a trip to the water? (like I could resist, anyhow) Hm, are there any nature/water cool places I could see native wildlife/veg in lieu of garden tour? Anyone? Anyone?*

DO tell. =)



*Name that movie reference...


  1. Hah, you're as bad as me going to a big city and looking for the plants and wildlife. My sister used to live on St. Charles Street (in the garden district) but that was pre-Katrina. I remember liking our visit to the Laura House Plantation:

    It's really close to Oak Alley (but I think that one was more expensive).

  2. 1) Cafe du Monde for beignets, and no other place will match it! I think it is open 24 hours so no excuses about not having time.
    2) Preservation Hall for Jazz. Since I lived there I think Preservation Hall has teamed up with Jazz NHS (NPS), they may have chairs now!
    3) Gospel Rhythm & Blues Tent (Bourbon St) for more music. It really is a tent so dress for weather
    4) For your one day off... if you can get a car go to Bayou Barataria Unit of Jean Laffitte NHP&P and walk the boardwalks. The rangers used to lead a full moon paddle,(work with concession)if your timing is right. If you can't get a car consider the river boat down to Chalmette Battle grounds & National Cemetery. (You may be able to get to Barataria by boat.)
    5) There are 3 historic houses in the quarter you can go into, all are good. Gallier House (on Royal) was my favorite, it had a cool focus on historic preservation. If you want grounds you need to leave the city and go to Oak Alley. (But if you have only one day off for you I would recommend Barataria instead)
    6)You could take the street car to Audubon Park and Zoo. Cool 'gators and turtles. If there is enough daylight you could do it after conference sessions.
    7) The gardens in the garden district are mostly behind walls. Though live oaks do line the streets (look for resurrection fern growing on the live oaks). Going to the garden district is all about looking at houses and amazing cast iron fences, but it could easily be teamed up with a trip to Audubon park & the zoo. And well lighted streets, can be nice place to take a walk after conference hours.
    8) the cemeteries are very cool, above ground. Unfortunately the best, St Louis #1, is on the edge of the projects. NPS used to lead a walking tour first thing in the morning, don't know if they still do. Lafayette #1 in the garden district is an accessible substitute.
    Have a great time!

  3. Wow, Anonymous, THANKS SO MUCH! Excellent info. SWEET! =)


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