Friday, December 10, 2010

Phriday photo quiz #27: variant...

This is different because I have what I think is a good guess re: the right answer, but I am not certain, and would certainly, once my guess is revealed, gladly entertain counter-proposals.

Who am I?



  1. At last, yay. Thanks very much, Steve. However, I have a question. I cannot find an image of your r-bg with such orange/red legs and bill. My initial (SO non-expert birder) thought was leucistic Heerman's but in the few pics I can find of those, their legs are DARK. Do you know how variable bill and leg color/intensity is within rbgs?

  2. Hmmm...well its kinda hard to say because of the lighting, but I would say the pinkness of the bare parts falls into the range of normal. Plumage is standard RBGU at least.

  3. Great. Well, thanks very much. You, then, not only supplied the most likely answer (way more likely than what I originally thought) but the only non-moi answer so thanks very much, and you, of course, ARE A WINNER of Phriday Photo Contest #27!! =) Not as fancy as being Ocho, but it's all we have. Thanks very much for the edification! =) (now I'm thinking about your name...makes extra sense)


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