Friday, January 7, 2011

coyote calisthenics first thing, today...

Benefit to getting dressed with shoes on at 7:20 a.m.? When you notice the chickens collectively STARING west, so you go outside to investigate (at 7:22) and see a coyote jogging through your property, you can run in your trail running shoes (vs. floppy fuzzy slippers) after him/her.

Didn't even look at me as it casually loped eastward (humming: doot dee doo, doot dee dooo), then into the back lot thicket. It knows all too well how piteously slow humans are. =) And I wasn't carrying a rifle or anything, so...

Anyhow, nice brief wake-up workout this morning, thanks to my coyote-cardio-trainer.

And a good look at a very fuzzy, beautiful creature.



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